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Mr. Alcantar was the defense attorney for the famous case of Marjorie Orbin which is well known around the country!!!


Here is an excerpt from the story run by 48 Hours Mystery which shows Mr. Alcantar putting doubt even in the minds of the prosecutors:


On cross, Defense Attorney Herman Alcantar tried to discredit the man he says framed Marjorie Orbin.

Herman Alcantar: "You're a truthful man, right?"

Weisberg "To a point."

Alcantar: "So that means sometimes you will be truthful, and other times you will not be truthful. Is that correct?

Weisberg: "Yes."

Then Alcantar portrayed Weisberg as a man crazy enough to confront a SWAT team, angry enough to swear at a police detective and strong enough to dispose of a 280-pound man.

Incredibly, even the lead detective now had questions. Detective Barnes said evidence that may have implicated Weisberg was never tested by the Phoenix crime lab.

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                  In this episode, Mr. Alcantar explains various aspects of the case. The level of his experience, professionalism and dedication is second to none. This is the type of representation you can expect with Mr. Alcantar and his team by your side.


Included in the episode is a writer by the name of by the name of Camille Kimball who wrote about the inconsistencies of the prosecution and the battles Mr. Alcantar had to overcome in defending this famous case.​

Navarrette's attorney painted a different picture in documents he filed requesting reduced bond for his client...

..."Mr. Navarrette was not once during this investigation spending large amounts of money, driving or possessing fancy or expensive cars or otherwise living an expensive or extravagant lifestyle," Alcantar wrote. "On the contrary, Mr. Navarrette's utilities were regularly cut off for non-payment; he was always behind on all his bills and often had to borrow money from other deputies and friends to make ends meet."...


...Prosecutors declined to comment on the case, but their filings point to some of the same factors - particularly Navarrette's work in law enforcement while allegedly involved in a criminal enterprise - as reason enough for the bond to remain at $1 million...

...But Superior Court Judge Janet Barton ruled Tuesday that Navarrette's $1 million bond was "clearly excessive."...

..."You have a deputy sheriff who has worked on our human smuggling and given intelligence out, putting my deputies in danger, tipping them (smugglers) off and now this guy's getting back on the street with $25,000?" Arpaio asked. "I don't understand this, I really don't."


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"Two MCSO Employees In Drug Case Post Bail"

News article posted by JJ Hensley

Oct. 13, 2011
The Arizona Republic

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"48 Hours: Diary Of A Showgirl"

News article and episode posted by CBSNews

July 31, 2010

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In this book, Camille writes of the exploits and challenges Mr. Alcantar had to face in the case. She points out the bizarre and unforeseen twists and turns during the proceedings which gave Marjorie and her supporters room to hope.

She also writes about the obvious appearance of Prosecutorial Misconduct which was just another hurdle Mr. Alcantar had to overcome.

Ultimately, Mr. Alcantar displayed unprecedented professionalism and an uncanny ability to point out and exploit the weaknesses of the prosecution which he can also do for you.

ntertainment Special: Bridal To Homicidal

Mr. Alcantar's case with Marjorie Orbin also made its debut on the E! Entertainment Special: Bridal To Homicidal.

"A Sweet Deal In A Fatal Child Abuse"

News article posted by Laurie Roberts, columnist

March 24, 2012
The Republic

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To read the pleadings of Jimenez's attorney, however, the child should have been in good hands.

"Angelica instantly fell in love with Josephine and began the process of attempting to adopt her," attorney Jamie Sparks wrote. "Angelica is most pained that what began as a beautiful act of kindness for a helpless baby turned into her actions, in part causing trauma and significant hurt to someone she loves."...

...In January, she pleaded guilty to a lower-level charge of child abuse and was set free. On Wednesday, Judge Robert Gottsfield gave her 10 years' probation, as called for by the plea deal...


...It seems a sweet deal, given Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery's vow to get tough on parents and others who fail to protect babies. But Montgomery says probation is the most he could have hoped for, given the view of the courts and "evidence challenges" in this case. Detectives, he said, couldn't pinpoint when some of the fractures occurred or who caused them...


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