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Criminal Defense

• Capital Murder/Death Penalty Cases
• Second-Degree Murder, Manslaughter
• Sex Offenses, Child Abuse, Child Molestation
• Kidnapping
• Wiretap RICO
• DUI Defense
• Drug Crimes
• Human Smuggling
• Property Crimes And Theft
• Violent Crimes
• Aggravated Assault, Armed Robbery​

• Probation Violations
• Pre-Indictment/Pre-Filing
• State & Federal Charges

Personal Injury


• Automobile Accidents
• Motorcycle Accidents
• Medical Malpractice
• Birth Injuries
• Products Liability
• Premises Liability
• Brain Injury
• Wrongful Death
• Negligence

Family Law

• Divorce And Legal Separation
• Child Custody
• Child Support
• Custody And Visitation
• Spousal Support And Alimony
• Domestic Violence
• Order Of Protection
• Prenuptial/Post-Nuptial Agreements
• Collaborative Divorce
• Mediation And Arbitration

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We treat our clients with dignity and respect while providing the personal attention that each case demands. Our practice areas include:

Strategic Criminal Defense in Phoenix, Arizona

Clients usually come to us in a time of crisis — a time when they need trusted guidance, support and advocacy. Many of our clients face criminal charges and a loss of freedom. Others may have suffered a serious injury or are involved in a difficult divorce or family dispute. In every case, we focus on protecting the rights and interests of our clients through lasting solutions. At Alcantar & Associates, our attorneys, including a former prosecutor, offer extensive experience, tenacity and skill to drive results.


Herman Alcantar has received "not guilty" verdicts for murder, armed robbery, kidnapping, sexual assaults, aggravated assaults, and child molestation; he works diligently for all his clients. Mr. Alcantar is certified to represent clients in death penalty cases. In fact, Mr. Alcantar was the first attorney in Maricopa County to receive a life verdict after the Ring decision.

When you retain Alcantar & Associates, you will never have to worry about whether your attorney is up to the job. Clients appreciate knowing that an attorney who can successfully and aggressively defend death penalty cases is available to defend them against a DUI or drug charge.
Long a solo practitioner, Mr. Alcantar has been joined in his practice by former prosecutor Jamie Sparks. Ms. Sparks currently focuses on criminal defense but also practices in other areas of law such as family law issues as well as personal injury cases.

Attorneys focused on the unique demands of your case

Whether we are handling a criminal matter, pursuing compensation after an injury, or protecting your rights in a divorce, our attorneys know how to address the unique demands of your case. We will take a strategic approach to understand your objectives and work tenaciously and skillfully to achieve those goals. At every stage, you can trust that our attorneys will remain attentive and dedicated to your needs and the results of your case.

Protect your rights. Know your options. Trust your lawyers.

We believe that clients should be educated about the legal issues they are facing. Our attorneys will take the time to provide you with the information you need to protect your rights. Every case is unique. Every client has different objectives. We will explore your options and alternatives and give support and guidance to help you make the best decisions about how to pursue your case

Pre-Indictment/Pre-charging Representation

If you have not yet been charged but suspect that the state and/or federal criminal charges are forthcoming exercise your right to remain silent.  Then contact our office as soon as possible to consult with a lawyer regarding pre-charging representation. With a lawyer by your side before police interview you, authorities charge you, we can launch a counter investigation, negotiate release conditions and even avoid the charges altogether.

An Experienced former prosecutor and aggressive litigators

Our attorneys bring diverse and extensive experience in prosecution and litigation. As a former prosecutor, attorney Jamie Sparks, can offer a unique perspective on the criminal justice system and has experienced its workings from both sides. We also bring extensive experience in complex criminal litigation, including serious cases involving manslaughter, rape, and the death penalty. Attorneys from our firm are well established and respected in the community and have a reputation for successful results.

An aggressive approach to build your defense

The government and law enforcement officials will be collecting evidence against you. Whether you are under investigation or facing criminal charges, it is important to take immediate action in building your defense. We will take an aggressive approach to collect and preserve all necessary evidence in your case. Together with a legal team of experienced attorneys, support staff and investigators, our firm represents people who have been accused of various crimes. From the outset of your case, we will take every necessary step to protect your rights and build your defense.

Focused on the individual needs of victims and their families

We will take a comprehensive approach to your case to understand both your immediate and future needs. Our personal injury attorneys know that every case is unique and every client faces a different set of challenges. Our goal is to maximize your recovery after an accident so you and your family can begin to heal. Whether you have suffered negligence under the care of a nurse or doctor while in the hospital, been involved in an automobile accident, or suffered injuries caused by a dangerous product, we know how to investigate and maximize recovery in your case.

Personalized legal services dedicated to your rights

From your initial consultation through resolution in your case, our attorneys are committed to driving results for you and your family. We offer both English and Spanish language services and will take every necessary step in your case to maximize recovery for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, long-term care needs, transportation and additional expenses or losses associated with your injury. We are also experienced in handling complex wrongful death cases. For more information, please contact our firm directly. We offer free initial consultations in cases involving personal injury.

Family law advocacy focused on your rights and dedicated to results

Family law matters can be emotionally trying, expensive and time-consuming. The results of your case could have a significant impact on your rights and security. We will take the time to inform you of your rights and options and provide the guidance and support you need to make the best decisions in pursuing your case. Our attorneys will always remain mindful of your best interests and your needs whether we are in negotiations or taking your case to trial. We are experienced in negotiations and settlement, but we are also prepared to take any case to court when necessary. Our attorneys are committed to solutions for you and your family.

Negotiations and collaboration in family legal disputes

In most cases, we find that a negotiated or collaborative solution is the most positive outcome for all parties and children. A settlement or negotiated result allows parties to agree upon a solution without the interference and expense of a court trial. Our family law attorneys offer you trusted guidance to help you navigate the legal system. We are compassionate and treat you with dignity and respect. Our attorneys focus on helping you make important decisions, while minimizing the emotional and financial toll that a family law dispute can take on your family.

Alcantar & Associates are highly regarded by judges, prosecutors, attorneys, and former clients!!!

Herman Alcantar, Jr., tiene la experiencia en ambas cortes Estatales y Federales de defender a cualquiera acusado por cualquier cargo criminal.  Especialista en Leyes Criminales en el Estado De Arizona.

Alcantar & Associates is located in Phoenix, Arizona, and serves clients throughout Maricopa County, Yavapai County, Pinal County, Pima County and Yuma County, including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Glendale, Goodyear, Chandler, Prescott, Florence, Flagstaff, Tucson and Yuma.


Contact us for a free initial consultation in any criminal, personal injury or family law case.


• Se habla español • Flexible appointment schedule • Home, hospital and jail visits upon request

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